Bryson Sales & Service Inc was founded on December 13, 1969 in Utah when the Blue Bird dealership for Utah and Nevada became available for purchase. Glenn Bryson had been a loyal customer of Blue Bird since 1957 when he purchased the first Blue Bird All American in the State of Utah in his capacity as Director of Transportation for the Davis County School District.

Glenn had two sons, Lynn and Brent. Lynn became the new Shop Director when his father left the school district to start his new career in bus sales. Brent, the youngest son, left his job at a local school, teaching woodshop to help his father. After 3 years of hard work and dedication, Lynn left Davis School District to join the family with their newly found business.

Bryson Sales

At that time Bryson's was operated out of a basement office and out of the garage in Glenn's back yard. Glenn was a passionate mechanic and had an extensive knowledge of bus maintenance and repair.

In 1972 Bryson's relocated to a facility in West Bountiful. This was a much larger, two bay facility and compared to Glenn's garage, and incredibly technologically advanced.

Glenn then later passed the business onto his two sons, Lynn and Brent. Although, he did retired Glenn would still come to work, to help out anyway he could, until he was 85 years old.

Lynn and Brent worked day and night to continue to run the successful business their father had established. During that time, in 2003 they purchased the dealership in Idaho and expanded their area.

In August 2004 Bryson Sales & Service Inc experienced the unexpected loss of Brent Bryson, who was serving as President and CEO. His knowledge, experience, rapport and expertise in the school bus industry left a void and even today he is remembered fondly by all.


After many hard working years the family business was passed down to Greg Bryson, son of Lynn and Elizabeth Bryson.

Greg is also an avid mechanic and has stepped up to the position of President and CEO. Rick Barton, Vice President assumed responsibility for the Parts Department. Subsequently, the company relocated to the current facility in Centerville, Utah.

Coming from the shop with no previous managerial experience, Greg was initiated immediately in the duties of running a company, taking responsibility for employees, profitability, sustainability, and livelihoods of friends and family. Greg's leadership of the organization has resulted in extensive growth and expansion in physical facilities, customer base, and personnel. He has taken the company to an even higher level while retaining the original philosophy of his grandfather to take care of the customers and everything else works out.

Both of Greg's sons have been actively involved in the family business. In 2009 Bryson's acquired the Blue Bird dealership for Washington State. Beginning the story of "Bryson Sales and Service of Washington" Bryson Sales' future lies in the able-bodied hands of the fourth generation continuing the legacy as a loyal and dedicated Blue Bird Dealership serving it's customers, employees, and communities.